Pooja Gallery conduct a huge range of healing crystals or gemstone. A gemstone also known as a gem, satisfactory gem, jewel, precious stone, or semi-treasured stone is a chunk of mineral crystal which, in reduce and polished form, is used to make rings or other adornments. but, positive rocks together with lapis lazuli and opal and every now and then organic substances that aren't minerals together with amber, jet, and pearl also are used for rings and are consequently often considered to be gemstones as well. most gem stones are tough, but a few soft minerals are used in jewelry due to their luster or other bodily houses which have aesthetic value. Rarity is another function that lends value to a gemstone.


You search all types of gemstone tree in our website. All trees are so beneficial and effective for human kinds. AMETHYST TREE assists in remembering and know-how dreams. GREEN JADE brings wealth and success. ROSE QUARTZ TREE is love cerise tree and maintain your all relations. 7 CHAKRA TREE is the most popular and effective in all. This tree is so beautiful home and office decor too.


Feng shui 7CHAKRA CYSTALS HEALING MALA is a beautiful way to add effective strength and give us fulfillment. We conduct all types of malas just for you as rose quartz mala, rose quartz chip mala, amethyst chip mala and citrine chip mala.


Bracelets are one of the most beautiful accessories for both men and women. Pooja Gallery bring a numerous collections of unique bracelets like Rose quartz, Black Magic Protection, Clear quartz, Protection and meditation etc.


We bring a good deal of wide collections of pendants. There are Tiger eye, White agate, Yellow citrine, clear quartz pendants. Lapis Lazuli is the very attractive and lovely pendant in all.


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